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May 2014:

Bonne’s album charted nationwide on AAA stations after ONE WEEK, hitting as high as the #1 spot. “Step Back Baby” was added to Iowa’s Star 102.5FM — marking the first time a local artist has been added into regular rotation amongst Top 40 commercial hits. It is receiving regular airplay at this time.






Press Quotes

"Best of Des Moines" Readers Poll

/ CityView

“Bonne, Bonne, Bonne. We love you, and so do our readers. This wild woman with pipes that would put a church organ to shame.” (Bonne Awarded “Best Musician” 2014)


Cityview Magazine

“‘Fairytales/Love Affairs’ is a creative, brilliant new look at one of Des Moines’ best talents…(Finken) put together an album that’s flashy, poppy and beautifully arranged…there’s not a song on the album that couldn’t take to the radio waves tomorrow”


Kurt Van Auken

Producer / STAR 102.5 & The Ken & Colleen Show

“I love the new album. ‘Step Back Baby’ is tremendous.”


Des Moines Is Not Boring

“Bonne Finken’s ‘Fairytales/Love Affairs’ hits me in the same way that the best of Kelly Clarkson does, with one notable exception: Finken might be a better singer. Finken can sing. She could sing whatever style she wanted, but she happened to go down the modern pop road and with ‘Fairytales/Love Affairs,’ she knocked it out of the park.”


Band Bombshell

“The album is a resounding success, there’s not a track on the album that wouldn’t be at home somewhere on the dial right now. (Finken) displays an impressive range of sound and influences throughout the album. From pure radio pop to introspective ballads to nearly dance floor-ready club tracks, Finken follows in the footsteps of everyone from Alanis Morrisette and Ani DiFranco to Shakira and Annie Lennox”


J. Sharpe Smith

/ The Des Moines Register

“(Soul on Display) explodes with her thoughts and feelings, and a palpable energy runs through the album, from urban funk to anthem rock. Infusing emotion into the music styles, Finken’s voice thunders, whispers, pleads and screams.”


Mary Buck


“A beautiful spitfire, (Bonne) projects a girl-­power vibe that seems unintentional, a feat for which many strive for and fail. Couple that with the top-­notch musicians Finken always brings with her and the formula is complete. Able to move easily between genre’s from soul to high-­intensity rockers, Finken’s voice is her greatest strength. A close second is her massive stage presence.”


Emily Beckmann

/ Blogger

“It’s easy to blend into the crowd when you’re a singer, even if you’re a talented singer. Many try and imitate their favorite artists or songs – but not singer/songwriter Bonne Finken. Finken is clearly an original artist with a distinct sound. She’s energetic, honest and confident.”



Step Back Baby Video




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Download/stream a preview of Fairytales/LoveAffairs. (press only)

To download a song, right click and select ‘Save As.’ Click the play button to stream a song.

5. Isaiah

6. Gone (feat. Jerry Lorenson)

8. Magic

9. Say You Do






*references from all available upon request*


Bonne has independently performed 350+ shows since her debut album released. Here is a list of repeated venues/highlighted shows/top clients:


– 2014 80/35 Music Festival (Des Moines, IA)
– SXSW 2009 – Showcased ‘Authentic’ Artist
– Sundance Film Festival – Park City Hotel (Park City, UT)
– Opening for Lisa Marie Presley (who requested a private meeting after her show)
– Opening for Toad The Wet Sprocket, The BoDeans, The Verve Pipe, Lee DeWyze and The Wallflowers
– City of Ames, IA (Numerous Events & Dates — References Available)
– City of Des Moines, IA (Numerous Events & Dates — Reference Available)
– City of Iowa City, IA (Arts Council)
– City of Clive — Summer Festival (Clive, IA) HEADLINER
– Iowa Postal Service
– Iowa Restaurant Association
– Iowa State Fair
– Survive & Thrive: Minnesota Arts Festival (St Cloud, MN) HEADLINER
– Temple of Performing Arts (Des Moines Civic Center) — One of Four Showcased Iowa Artists
– Surf Ballroom (Clear Lake, IA)
– Ames on the Halfshell (Ames, IA) Performed two years in row as HEADLINER
– Dozens of SOLD OUT shows at Des Moines’ Premier Listening Room: The GrapeVine (usually within 24 hrs)
– Club David (Sioux Falls, SD)
– American Heart Association (Numerous Locations in Iowa) HEADLINER
– Arlene’s Grocery (New York, NY)
– Blank Park Zoo (Des Moines, IA)
– Captain’s Getaway (Lake Okoboji, IA) HEADLINER
– Coda Bar (Kansas City, MO)
– CraftoberFest (Des Moines, IA) HEADLINER
– Cunningham’s Journal (Kearney, NE) HEADLINER
– Des Moines Arts Festival (Des Moines, IA) MAIN STAGE
– Fireside Winery (Marengo, IA)
– Friday at the Fountains (West Des Moines, IA) HEADLINER
– ‘Fools Ball’ presented by the Civic Center of Des Moines HEADLINER
– Keokuk Concert Series (Keokuk, IA) HEADLINER
– LIVE From The Sonic Factory Studios (Des Moines, IA) HEADLINER/SOLD OUT
– The Bitter End (New York, NY)
– The Elbo Room (Chicago, IL)
– The Gas Lamp (Des Moines, IA) HEADLINER
– The Green Space (Lake Okoboji, IA)
– The Mill (Iowa City, IA) HEADLINER
– The Redstone Room (Davenport, IA)
– The Slowdown (Omaha, NE)
– The Yacht Club (Iowa City, IA)
– Toast (Mason City, IA)
– Madison County Winery (St. Charles, IA)
– Mickey’s Irish Pub (Numerous Locations)
– Music in the Junction (City of West Des Moines, IA) HEADLINER
– New Morning Wine Bar (Grimes, IA)
– Peace Tree Brewery (Knoxville, IA)
– People’s (Des Moines, IA) HEADLINER
– Prairie Meadows Racetrack & Casino (Altoona, IA)
– Raccoon River Brewery (Des Moines, IA)
– River Music Experience (Davenport, IA) HEADLINER
– Roosevelt Days (Ames, IA) HEADLINER
– Summer in the Park (Colfax, IA) HEADLINER
– U.S. Cellular World Food Festival (Des Moines, IA) Three Years in Row — ending as HEADLINER
– WB Old World Pub (Rochester, MN)
– Wooly’s (Des Moines, IA) HEADLINER




To hear her sing, you’d never know Bonne Finken was once a shy, small-town-Iowa girl. Her confident, passionate vocals demand the attention she used to studiously avoid. As Finken embarks on 2014, she is set to reveal her most ambitious, honest, and vulnerable release to date. On the heels of a new single and music video for the robust pop anthem “Step Back Baby,” audiences are getting a sense of the new direction for Finken’s third studio album, Fairytales/LoveAffairs, due out later this year. Exploring all facets of love, from the thrill of the strong emotion to questioning the definition of love and the downsides of loss and walking away, Finken dives into the personal struggles relatable to all of us.